February 10, 2010

Labour's immigration policy

Oh dear, it turns out that Labour's unlimited immigration policy was to do with social engineering and the fact that recent immigrants tend to vote Labour. Well they appear to have sucessfully engineered the rise of the BNP, we now have two BNP fascists in the EUropean Parliament, plus the Respect fascist in Westminster. Nice one guys. Perhaps if they hadn't gone quite so hell for leather at cramming as many people in as quickly as possible we could have got the benefits of immigration without the fascist backlash.


Blogger Brittanicus said...

There is an illegal alien deterrent gaining momentum in the United States. It is called E-Verify, a computer program that could be adapted for Britain's use.Through not mandated, is becoming very popular in the business sector. Using the Social Security, Homeland Security data bases it identifies unauthorized workers. Right now penalties are not that strict, but public attention is reigning in corrupt politicians who are pandering to open border lobbyists. If you want to learn more go to NUMBERSUSA Dot Com and JUDICIAL WATCH Dot Org in America for inspiration that patriotic indigenous British/English can use. INTRODUCE THIS IDEA TO YOUR MORE HONEST CONSERVATIVE AND LABOR REPRESENTATIVES?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascist ?
Theres one pack of middle class corrupts trying to use the laws THEY brought in through influencing the corrupt morally bankrupt Labour to stop the BNP through any way legal or not and trying to censor their (and concerned majority of Britain) about the lunacy of their unlimited immigration. We all know it's the flood of muslim fanatics and their bigotry and extremism thats caused it. The sight of British women dressing in the revolting muslim way due to their muslim boyfriends shows ex-Labour voters like me how this party can no longer be trusted. Its NOT anti-black people, it IS against the religion of terror and extremism.
The word "asylum" is no longer believed, let alone trusted, the gangs of sneering young Somali muslims swaggering the streets of Britain is LABOURS fault. Whole cities have almost become islamic republics. THEIR rights outweigh OUR rights.
Quangos keep telling us it isn't true that immigrants are jumping the housing queue, but we know that THEY are just a pack of arrogant corrupt self-serving middle class lesbians (the recent demand from these same pervs that skirts should be banned in British schools because it was anti-cross dresser said it all. Even the obnoxious cow Harriet Harman backed off from that - THESE are the people who told us the jumping the queue wasn't true) yet look around and see how they have been moved INTO council houses ahead of our own yong people into quiter areas, nicer areas.
The people responsible for this are less Labour and more the TRUE "fascist" - unelected "alternative sexualities" who get their own way with a pack of treacherous bastards who have betrayed the British people, (Labour) and probably for the last time too going by their plummet in the polls.
The likes of the BBC are trying to avoid "immigration" as a subject (because of their preponderance of aforementioned self-serving middle class lesbians and co), and are being forced to by the people ringing in.
It just makes me sneer with revulsion of yet another shouting "fascist" and ignoring the other side who are (if anything) even worse fascists.

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